MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside!

Xiaomi’s custom Android skin has officially got its 11th refresh with MIUI 11. MIUI is one of the most popular Android skins, jampacked with features, tweaks, and optimizations. During an event in China where Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Mix Alpha, Mi 9 Pro 5G, and the new Mi TV Pro lineup, the company also announced MIUI 11 (Chinese version only). Here is everything you wanted to know about it!

MIUI 11 Update For Xiaomi Devices

While the last MIUI 10 was mostly about under-the-hood changes and improvements, MIUI 11 is all about new features and improvements that will be visible to the user. Most of the work is done on the UI/UX while making sure that the overall OS gets smoother and snappier than before. Here’s a rundown of everything new and improved in MIUI 11:

MIUI 11 Features & Improvements

1. Polished UI & Dynamic Fonts

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 1

MIUI 11 has less visual clutter, making the UI look much cleaner and modern than before. There’s this new font called ‘MiLan Pro’, and it comes with a variable thickness slider that lets you basically adjust the weight of the font across the UI. The skin also makes use of this thickness property in system apps, like the dialer, to improve UX. This whole font system is dubbed ‘Dynamic Fonts’. And yes, for the fans of darkness, there’s a system-wide dark mode.

2. New Ambient Display (AOD)

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 2

MIUI 11 brings some neat improvements to the Always-On / Ambient display functionality with new animated watch faces that have patterns, designs and even text of your choice, because why not? You can adjust sizes, positioning, and color of all the elements on the Ambient Display screen. The ambient display in MIUI 11 shall also feature a breathing light effect, similar to OnePlus’s Horizon Light.

3. Dynamic Sounds

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 3

MIUI 11 brings this time-environment-dependent sound experience that adjusts the system sounds (ringtones, notification sounds, alarm sounds, etc.) from a selection of sounds inspired by nature. Users can also pick their choice of sounds manually.

4. New MIUI App Suite

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 4

If you thought MIUI had way too many system apps, think again, coz MIUI 11 has more. There’s now categorization based on the type of apps. MIUI 11 has a ‘Work’ suite of apps that allow cross-platform file sharing, larger document transfer between devices, screencast, and wireless printing.

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 5

The cross-platform file sharing is limited to Vivo and Oppo devices and is a result of the recent file-transfer group project the brands joined hands for. Xiaomi’s notebooks shall also support this fast file transfer feature. This file-sharing system can transfer files at up to 82MBps, but would only be available to phones running Android P and above, meaning only to Android P and Android 10 for now.

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 6

Mi work suite also features a new file management system that shows all your documents at one place and supports all major document formats inherited so that you don’t need to download additional apps to view and edit them. Wireless printing has seen some improvements under the hood, and now has support for more than 2000 printers. Screencasting now supports one-touch casting and any notification you get while casting your screen shall only appear as a heads-up banner on the phone (and not the cast).

Then there’s a ‘Go’ suite of apps that has an improved Notes app (that now has to-do lists) alongside new features such as weather updates of the places you’re about to visit, tracking your itinerary, and more. There’s also a new extreme power-saving mode that claims to make your phone last a full day on just 5% of battery.

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 7

Then there’s an AI Album that does stuff like organizing your photos and videos according to scenes and time. It can also suggest the best-looking shots from the ones you’ve taken, and make automatic movies and collages, kind of like Google Photos.

Then there’s a ‘Family’ suite of apps that includes a Family Guard that lets you track your family members in realtime, a Childrens’ Space that basically houses apps and games for your children, a Digital Wellbeing kind of app that lets you keep track of your phone usage times, and finally, there’s your familiar security app. MIUI 11 also has an SOS mode, in which pressing the power button 5 times shall send an emergency message with the user’s location to an SOS contact (set by the user).

5. Other Tweaks & Improvements

MIUI 11 improves on other features such as the Gaming Mode, Quick Reply, Auto-fill, Mi AI (ver. 3.0), the stock Calendar app, and more. Lastly, all MIUI themes shall now be available for free.

That was everything (well, almost) about the MIUI 11 (China). Features and updates for the Global version shall be announced soon by Xiaomi.

When will my phone get MIUI 11?

MIUI 11 Is Here; New & Improved Features, Supported Devices & More Details Inside! 8

MIUI 11 is already available in closed-beta for developers and testers. It will roll out in public beta to beta users starting September 27th and a stable release is scheduled to start mid-October. Stable update shall roll out in three batches. The first batch shall receive the update mid-October, the second batch towards end of October, and the third batch in November. Note that this information is only for the Chinese version of MIUI 11.

Global users will get stable MIUI 11 towards the end of this year. We’ve heard MIUI 11 Global version is already being tested internally, which could mean that it’ll be announced very soon.

Which phones will get MIUI 11?

First batch (mid-October):

  • Millet 9 (regular, Transparent & SE)
  • Millet MIX 3
  • Millet MIX 2S
  • Millet 8 (regular, Youth, Transparent, SE & in-screen fingerprint version)
  • Millet MAX 3
  • Redmi K20 (regular, Pro & Pro Premium edition)
  • Redmi Note 7 (regular & Pro)
  • Redmi 7

Second batch (late-October):

  • Millet 9 Pro 5G
  • Millet CC 9 (regular, 9e & Mito Custom edition)
  • Millet MIX 2
  • Xiaomi Note 3
  • Millet 6 (regular and 6X)
  • Redmi 7A
  • Red Rice 6 (regular, 6A & 6 Pro)
  • Red Rice Note 5
  • Red Rice S2

Third batch (November):

  • Millet Mix
  • Millet 5s (regular & 5s Plus)
  • Millet 5X
  • Millet 5C
  • Xiaomi Note 2
  • Xiaomi PLAY
  • Millet Max 2
  • Redmi Note 8 (regular & Pro)
  • Red Rice 5 (regular & Plus)
  • Red Rice 5A
  • Red Rice 4X
  • Red Rice Note 5A (standard & high version)

As you can clearly see, these are China-exclusive devices only, as this schedule is only for Chinese MIUI 11. We’ll update this space with the global release schedule when we have it.

That pretty much is all about MIUI 11. You can check out the MIUI 11 thread on Mi Community to take part in discussions. Let us know what you think about the update, and share the post if you found it informative.

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