5 Of The Best Free VPN Extensions For Google Chrome

5 Of The Best Free VPN Extensions For Google Chrome 1

You know Chrome, right? The popular multi-platform browser that almost everyone loves, yeah? Well, if you’re a Chrome user too, and if you’ve been looking for some free VPN extensions that really work without any caveats, you’re in luck.

The best free VPN extensions for Chrome

Here’s a list of our favorite free VPN extensions for Google Chrome. These are handpicked after testing like 20-25 free extensions. If you don’t know why you should be using a VPN, you really should. We normally don’t recommend using free VPN services, as there are often big problems with free VPN, but having tested these ones personally and extensively, we can place our bets on them.

1. Hoxx

Okay, so this one is relatively unpopular, and we came across it very recently. The reason you might not have even heard of this extension is that they haven’t really spent as much on advertisements as the other popular and established ones. Hoxx VPN has a very impressive Free plan which offers the fastest servers among all other plugins we tested, more than 50 server locations, unlimited server switching, 1024-bit end-to-end encryption, prevention of WebRTC leak among other features.

Though their official website mentions that the Free plan offers unlimited bandwidth, we did come across a restriction screen which said: “You’ve exhausted your daily data usage, your account will be re-activated after 24 hours. Please upgrade to a paid plan or wait till your account is restored.“, which makes us believe that their “unlimited bandwidth” offer is subject to a daily Fair-use-policy.

Why is this extension on the top of the list if there’s an FUP, you ask? Well, the server speeds alone are so good that we had to give it the shoutout it deserves. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they don’t charge you to unblock certain websites.

Hoxx VPN Proxy
Hoxx VPN Proxy
Developer: hoxx.com
Price: Free

2. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a well-established company, and their free Chrome extension is no exception. With the extension, you can just install and get started, without signing up for an account or doing any additional tasks. This one just works, out of the box, which is why it’s on this list. It recently got it’s own advertisement and malware blocker functionality, server speeds are more than good, and there are many virtual locations you can connect to.

It even has a military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to secure your browsing sessions and data. For the VPN protocol, Hotspot Shield uses their own ‘Catapult Hydra’ protocol that compresses and optimizes the data transfer between the user and the server. Geeky stuff, eh?

3. Windscribe

Windscribe isn’t a new name in this field either. They have a pretty good free plan that lets you have 10GB of monthly bandwidth, fast servers, and multiple locations. They have a strict no-log policy, meaning they don’t keep a log of your personal data, including your browsing history.

Where Windscribe outdoes all other free VPN extensions has to be their inbuilt malware and ad-blocker protocol called ROBERT (remote omnidirectional badware eliminating robotic tool). This means you get an additional layer of security on top of Chrome’s already good malware and annoyance filters.

The catch? Well, there are not as much server locations, and sometimes, it takes forever to connect to a location. Other than that, this is a gem!

4. TunnelBear

Ever heard of a bear that protects you? Well, here it is. TunnelBear is not only known to provide an awesome free VPN service for Chrome, but also for keeping user privacy and security above everything else. There’s no data-logging, highest standards of data security protocols, and this friendly bear. They have servers in more than 22 countries, and the free version lets you unblock websites and stay secure on unprotected Wi-Fi networks.

TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear VPN
Developer: tunnelbear.com
Price: Free

5. Betternet

This is another well-established player in the VPN scene. Betternet offers free unlimited bandwidth over VPN. The service is backed by advertisements, meaning you will see ads from Betternet on the webpages you visit. That’s okay to us because apart from that, they have a strict no data-logging policy, you don’t need to sign-up to use it, and probably the best (cleanest) UI among other apps (which, ironically has no ads). You can select and connect to the server of your choice, which, by the way, are not slow at all.

That’s pretty much it for this list. Some of you might be wondering why we missed out Hola VPN, the most popular free VPN extension. Yep, we didn’t include it because there are issues with it like there are issues with almost all of the free VPN providers.

Let us know if this post was helpful, or if you think any other extension that deserves to be on this list.

Share the post if you feel like sharing legit good tech content today, and don’t hesitate to let us know your views, opinions, doubts, and questions in the comments below. Oh, and also, make sure to follow our comment guidelines while you’re at it. Cheers!

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  1. Your site is great! I have been trying for months to find a VPN that really works and you helped very much with this Hoxx. Great article!

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