Logitech Launches MX Master 3; The Best Mouse Just Got Even Better!

Logitech Launches MX Master 3; The Best Mouse Just Got Even Better! 1

Logitech is back with the third-generation of everyone’s favorite mouse: the MX Master 3. If you have been following the PC tech stuff for a little while, even slightly, it’d be no surprise to you that Logitech’s MX Master mice have been some of the best ones money can buy. The series is loved and appreciated by casual freelancers to professional content creators, to digital artists, just about everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about the new upgrade.

So, what’s new on the new MX Master 3?

Logitech Launches MX Master 3; The Best Mouse Just Got Even Better! 2

First things first, the MX Master 3 finally gets a USB-C port for charging. Finally. Everyone, from every universe, has been asking for a type-C port for quite some time now, and this single change looks so significant.

Secondly, the ever-so-favorite ratcheting scroll wheel on the mouse gets a major hardware overhaul. The scroll wheel mechanism on the new MX Master 3 features a new electromagnetic system that replaces the old traditional mechanical scroll wheel. The new system still offers the previous two modes: the step-by-step, and the free-scroll mode. The step-by-step ratcheting scroll mode offers the traditional step-wise resistance while scrolling, while the free-scroll mode lets the scroll wheel spin freely, smoothly & silently.

The new electromagnetic mechanism allows for even smoother and more silent operation of the scroll wheel, significantly more than the previous MX Master 2S. Also, the eradication of the mechanical mechanism means way lower chances of failure in the hardware (the motor or the switching lever). Also, the scroll wheel itself is also machined entirely of stainless steel, which is even nicer than the old rubber-coated wheel.

Logitech Launches MX Master 3; The Best Mouse Just Got Even Better! 3

Logitech has also modified the thumb buttons and the secondary scroll wheel on the side. The side wheel is now also machined steel, and wider than before. The two thumb buttons have also been made a bit longer/wider, and they are moved below the scroll wheel, from behind the wheel. This makes accessibility and usability much better and easier. The thumb-buttons now come with automatic button configurations for some programs out of the box. This means the buttons shall work as back and forward buttons on web browsers like Chrome & Safari, while they’ll act as undo and redo buttons in something like Microsoft Word, though you can still customize button-actions to your liking in the ‘Logitech Options’ companion software.

What’s still the same?

Apart from the new scroll mechanism and wheels, USB-C port, and new thumb-buttons placement, other specifications stay unchanged from the MX Master 2S. The mouse is still supposed to last for up to 70 days on a full charge, still has a 4,000 DPI sensor that can track on surfaces like glass, still has Bluetooth and Logitech’s Unified USB receiver for connectivity and switching between up to 3 devices and support for Logitech’s Flow technology.

What else?

Logitech Launches MX Master 3; The Best Mouse Just Got Even Better! 4

Logitech also launched a new keyboard alongside the MX Master 3, called MX Keys, which basically looks like the company’s older Craft keyboard, minus the mechanical dial. The new keyboard also comes with USB-C for charging, and an intelligent proximity sensor that only turns on the keyboard backlight when you are actually typing. Logitech claims the keyboard to last up to 10 days on a single charge with the automatic backlighting feature, and up to five months with it turned off. Also, the keyboard shall automatically disable backlighting when it detects that the battery is too low, giving an extra two weeks of use.

For the pricing, both the MX Master 3 and MX Keys shall set buyers back by USD 99 (~ INR 7,100) each when they ship later this month. You can check Logitech’s MX Master Series promotional launch video here.

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