Apple’s New 16-inch Macbook Pro: Everything We Know So Far

Apple's New 16-inch Macbook Pro:  Everything We Know So Far 1

We got to know about a new MacBook Pro earlier this year through an investor note from Ming-Chi Kuo and looking at the recent price drop of the current model, we can be almost sure that the new MacBook is in fact happening. Rean on as we round everything up on the new device.

Design & Build

When Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple Analyst first hinted at the existence of a MacBook Pro 16″, he mentioned that this new notebook shall carry a ‘new design’. We are still uncertain if that’s going to happen as we know Apple never tries to fix what’s not broken. The only design flaw with the current models is the heat dissipation, which could be enough of a reason for them to shift to a slightly better, fresh design. So yeah, while the chances of a complete design overhaul seem scarce, slight improvements and modifications would be our guess.

Apart from this, there were reports of Apple fitting in the larger display into 15″ MacBook Pro’s chassis, or keep the footprints of the new notebook almost similar to the current 15″ MBP. This would definitely mean thinner bezels around the display (which is what we want). The device weight shall remain marginally more than the current MBP that weighs 4 pounds. Other than that, we aren’t really expecting any more design and build changes, other than the thinner bezels. Managing to fit in an inch larger display into the same upper chassis as that of the 15″ notebook is enough of a change that MacBook users would like, so that’s what’s happening.


This is what is the most prominent change is the new MacBook is going to be, so this, naturally, is going to be the center of attraction on the machine. It is rumored to be a 16-inch 3072×1920 resolution LCD panel made by LG. This is up from the 2880×1800 panel on the current 15-inch model. Though we’d love an OLED panel here, looks like Apple is doing some cost-cutting and settling for an LCD. In typical Apple fashion, the display is going to look vibrant & bright, and cover the expanded DCI-P3 color gamut (100% of sRGB).

Specs & Internals

Specs are not that easy to predict, but we’ll expect the device to be a powerhouse like MacBook Pros have always been. The target market of this device is going to be the performance fanatics, so we’d expect Intel’s i9s and i7s handling the processing unit. That should be coupled with the regular configurable internals like SSD from 256 Gigs and RAM from 4 Gigs is stuff we can expect. Additionally, rumors hint at the inclusion of an additional USB-A port on the new MacBook.


Probably the biggest headache for Apple, the ‘Butterfly’ keys are finally believed to be replaced in the new 16″ machine. Apple is supposedly ditching these problematic keys and replacing these with the more traditional scissor ones that could provide a similar experience as that of the standalone Apple wireless keyboards. This would mean both better key travel and feedback while using the keyboard. This change is expected with a new keyboard design altogether. Some reports also hint a return of the physical escape button, but we can’t say much on this. Kuo also said that this new keyboard shall make use of new glass fiber to reinforce keys, which should result in improved reliability.

Launch & Pricing

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to fit in somewhere between the MBP15 & the MBP17 in terms of pricing. Also, there are reports of it replacing the 15″ model altogether, which means the price for the 16″ model could start from around $3000, which falls in line with the current pricing structure of the MacBook Pro models.

As for the launch, every report, every leak differs substantially on this part. Some say the new MacBook isn’t launching till 2021, while some say it’s launching right along the new iPhones on the 10th of September 2019. Most of the rumors though point to an October event by Apple focused on the iPads and MacBooks, and this is what we’re putting our money on as well.

That’s all we know about the new upcoming 16″ MacBook Pro, for now. We shall keep updating this post as and when we get more details.

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