Reliance Launches JioFiber In India; Here’s All The Info You Need

Reliance Launches JioFiber In India; Here's All The Info You Need 1
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So after months of speculations, rumors, private and beta testing, JioFiber is finally out in the wild. Reliance’s ambitious fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service, JioFiber, has been launched commercially and it has got everyone all excited and curious. This article is your source for all information regarding the new FTTH service. Plans, registration procedure, welcome offers, and everything else of public interest.

JioFiber Plans & Pricing

Jio shall initially offer six prepaid plans with monthly tariffs ranging from ₹699 to ₹8,499 (excluding GST). These plans are dubbed Bronze (₹699), Silver (₹849), Gold (₹1,299), Diamond (₹2,499), Platinum (₹3,999) and Titanium (₹8,499). The first two plans (Bronze & Silver) shall offer a maximum data speed of 100 Mbps, with the Gold plan to offer up to 250 Mbps, the Diamond plan to offer up to 500 Mbps, and the Platinum and Titanium plans to offer up to 1 Gbps. You can have a look at the plan details in the table below. As said before, the prices do not include GST and any additional taxes that may apply, so the final amount you’ll have to pay shall be more than what you see here.

Plan NameMonthly TariffMonthly FUPSpeed
Bronze₹699100GB + 50GB100 Mbps
Silver₹849100GB + 100GB100 Mbps
Gold₹1,299500GB + 250GB150 Mbps
Diamond₹2,4991250GB + 250GB500 Mbps
Platinum₹3,9992500GB1 Gbps
Titanium₹8,4995000GB1 Gbps

Alternatively, you can also tap here to see Jio’s official tariff brochure.

Each of the plans come with unlimited data download and upload with an FUP. FUP means ‘Fair Use Policy’, and the amount of monthly FUP data allocated to each plan is the amount of data transfer that will happen at the designated plan speed. That means, if you have the Bronze plan, you can use 150GB of data every month at up to 100Mbps speeds, and the speed will reduce after you have used the 150GB. After the FUP is reached, internet speed will drop to 1 Mbps (maximum) on all the plans until the billing cycle is over, or the user does another recharge.

Talking of recharge, users can also avail long-term recharges, varying from 3 months, 6 months & 12 months, which shall come with additional benefits (mentioned below). Jio shall also partner with banks to offer EMI-plans for the customers who opt for long-term plans.

For the time being, JioFiber shall offer extra data to the first four (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond) plans in addition to the set FUP data. Platinum and Titanium plans don’t get any extra data.

In addition to the internet service, all the JioFiber plans include free calls pan-India via a home landline, TV video calling & conferencing, gaming and device protection by Norton for 5 devices, without any extra cost. The upper-tier Platinum and Titanium plan customers shall also get access to Jio VR Platform, Jio First-Day First-Show Movies service, and special sports content alongside the other freebies mentioned above.

JioFiber Welcome Offer

Jio also announced a welcome offer for new JioFiber customers who opt for long-term recharge plans, called JioForever plans.

The JioForever annual (12 months) recharge (for any plan) will get you a free Jio Home Gateway device worth ₹5,000, a free 4K set-top box worth ₹6,400, two additional months of services for free (so a total of 14 months), and double data (every month). Additional benefits are as follows:

  • If you opt for JioForever Bronze annual recharge, you shall also get a Muse 6W Bluetooth speaker worth ₹2,999, and 3-month access to JioCinema and JioSaavn Pro, for free.
  • If you opt for JioForever Silver annual recharge, you shall get a Reconnect THUMP 2 12W Bluetooth speaker worth ₹3,999, and 3 months access to OTT apps, for free.
  • If you opt for JioForever Gold annual recharge, you shall get access to all OTT apps for a year, for free. If you recharge for two years instead, you get a 24-inch HD TV worth ₹12,999, for free.
  • If you opt for JioForever Diamond annual recharge, you shall get a 24-inch HD TV (same one from above, just that you get it with a 1-year recharge of the Diamond plan) and access to all OTT apps for a year, for free.
  • If you opt for JioForever Platinum annual recharge, you shall get a 32-inch HD TV worth ₹22,999, and access to all OTT apps for a year, for free.
  • If you opt for JioForever Titanium annual recharge, you shall get a 43-inch 4K TV worth ₹44,999, and access to all OTT apps for a year, for free.

If you go for 6-months long term recharge plans, you get one extra month of service for free (meaning you get 7 months for the price of 6) and 50% extra data. The 3-months recharge plans will get you 25% of extra data only.

What exactly are the bundled OTT apps isn’t clear at the moment. For reference, the recently launched Airtel XStream subscriptions get you access to OTT apps like Amazon Prime Videos, YouTube (Premium) and Netflix. We’ll try reaching out to JioFibre representatives and update this section when we have info on the OTT apps.

You can also tap here to view the official Welcome Offer datasheet.

The JioFiber Welcome offers shall be valid till Jio migrates all the existing preview customers (testers) to the paid plans. Considering the number of preview customers is in lacs, it should take at least a couple of months, which means the welcome offer stays for at least the next two months. However, we have not received any official words from Jio (yet) on the validity of the welcome offers. We have written to them and are waiting for a response on this.

JioFiber Registration & Installation

Interested customers can apply for a fresh JioFiber connection either on Jio’s official website (click here to apply), or the MyJio App. If JioFiber is available at your location, a Jio representative will connect with you and work on the installation at your place. The installation charges will be ₹2,500, out of which, ₹1,500 shall be the refundable security deposit for the Jio router. The remaining ₹1,000 would be non-refundable.

Preview customers do not need to apply for a fresh connection again. Jio shall get in touch with all the preview customers and get them migrated to the paid plans over the coming weeks. Till then, they can continue to enjoy the free broadband service.

That’s all about JioFiber. Let us know if we missed anything, or if you have any doubts or questions on the same.

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