Instagram rolls out messaging feature on its desktop website to everyone

Instagram rolls out messaging feature on its desktop website to everyone 1

Earlier in January this month, Instagram released the direct messaging feature on its website to selected users. After about three months of testing, Instagram is finally rolling out the feature globally & publicly(to every user).

Instagram Web has been good for scrolling feeds, liking photos and videos, leaving comments on them, among other things. The desktop website has, in fact, kept a lot of the features from the mobile app, but direct messaging was one of those things that weren’t carried over to the website.

Instagram rolls out messaging feature on its desktop website to everyone 2
Instagram Web DM (by Instagram)

It was one of the more necessary features that everyone was asking for, and Instagram, after testing out the feature in closed beta for around three months, Instagram announced the public rollout today.

They took to Twitter to announce this feature:

How to access direct messaging on Instagram Web?

After you sign in to your Instagram account on the website, you shall see a new “Direct Messaging” icon on the website’s header, sitting between the Home and the Explore buttons. Tapping on that icon gets you to your inbox, from where you can start a new conversation or continue an existing chat.

Along with sending and receiving text, you can also send media, likes, emojis, and even unsend messages, just like you can on the app.

With Web DM done, the next feature we wish Instagram brings to Instagram Web would be posting photos and videos directly from the website.

What do you think about the new feature?

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