Microsoft Edge is now the world’s second most used desktop web browser, and we aren’t surprised

Microsoft Edge is now the world's second most used desktop web browser, and we aren't surprised 1

In less than three months of leaving beta, Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser has overtaken to become the second most used desktop web browser, as reported by NetMarketShare.

As of March 2020, Microsoft Edge holds 7.59% of the desktop browser market while firefox slips down to 7.19%. These numbers are still tiny compared to the most used desktop web browser – Google Chrome’s market share, which is 68.5%.

Ofcourse, Microsoft’s numbers would rise if the share of the old Internet Explorer is added to Edge’s. Internet Explorer 11 now sits at the fourth spot with 3.6% of market share, after Firefox. The fifth spot is claimed by Apple’s Safari, which holds 3.62% of the market share.

Microsoft Edge is now the world's second most used desktop web browser, and we aren't surprised 2
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While Edge’s number right now is still very small to compare with the crowd-favorite: Chrome, it still goes on to show that the well-established Firefox is losing some ground in the popularity race. Not that we weren’t expecting a substantial growth of Edge, but this fast? Here’s why we feel Edge is going to eat more into Chrome’s user base with time:

The new Edge is based on the Chromium engine, which is also what Google Chrome is built on. It means the new Edge supports and can run all browser extensions that Google Chrome can. This makes Edge no more the browser that people would use to download Chrome.

Edge also looks and feels modern, much more in line with Chrome. Though there are some additional options, Chrome users will take no time in getting used to the new Edge. It feels familiar to say the least.

Another thing to note is that it has gotten snappier as of late. Benchmark reports show more than 12 percent improvement since the beta builds, which of course helps with the UX. On our machines at least, Edge feels snappier than Chrome, and uses less resources, one of the reasons why many of our writers have switched to Edge.

Then, there are some security enhancements Microsoft has thrown into the mix. It was recently announced by Microsoft that Edge shall block adware, crypto miners, and other PUAs from downloading.

Saving the best for the last, Edge will finally let users change the search engine from Bing to Google. As of the latest Edge canary build, Edge lets us change the default search engine used in the address-bar from Bing to Google via a setting flag. This feature has been requested by the majority of Edge users, and it is finally making way. We couldn’t be happier.

Also, the fact that Edge comes pre-installed with Windows 10 machines now shall give it a slight boost over any other web-browser. The biggest compliment we can give Edge is that we didn’t use it to download Chrome or Firefox this time, and that’s a great sign.

Have you made the switch to Edge yet? If not, what’s stopping you?

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